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Press-Information 2015


EMO gleaning thread and worm grinding machine with B-axis

MIKROMAT puts innovation front and attracts visitors

MIKROMAT threaded and worm grinding machines are the first choice for extremely precise applications. Responsible for the slope tilt angle in the A axis is to previous machines in the range +/- 40 °. On the new machine 3G pivoting angle has been extended so that legal on one machine and in one set-up and left-handed screw profiles to a theoretically infinite slope, so longitudinal grooves can be ground.

This solution is not new and was introduced in 2012 by MIKROMAT at the Grintec in Augsburg.

The real novelty which attracted many companies in Milan on our stand and earned us loads of plaudits from our customers, is the new concept of additional B - axis MIKROMAT grinding machines.

On one of the two machines on the 3G type sided Oblique was demonstrated on a gear pinion shaft (see picture). A lateral swivel angle of +/- 15 ° in the B axis, thus the grinding wheel allows a new and especially time-saving technologies in adjacent areas of the threaded and screw production. Nothing special for a cylindrical grinding machine, extends the capabilities of a typical threaded and worm grinding enormously. This is an application which causes quite a stir of interest by manufacturers of gear pumps. Through our Value Engineering approach, it becomes possible operations, throughput time and thus save money. At the same time a higher accuracy is feasible because even clamping operations can be omitted. Our client was in the end delighted about significant savings.

Technical details to be found on our website or contact us directly.

At the trade show our staff was very busy, thus images could be photographed just outside the opening hours. MIKROMAT recorded in 2015 two contracts during the EMO. Valuable impetus for the trade show follow also provided numerous customer inquiries. We are sure to have chosen the right path. Ask us, we take care of a solution for your needs.

MIKROMAT 3 G - Rotationsform- und Gewindeschleifmaschine für kleine Teile präsentiert zur GrindTec 2012 in Augsburg

MIKROMAT Messestand EMO 2015